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Municipal Finance

Clayborn & Associates, LLC has served as developer’s counsel, issuer’s counsel, co-disclosure’s counsel, co-bond counsel, and underwriters’ counsel in connection with both general obligation and revenue bond issues. Our clients include the City of Kansas City, Missouri, The Industrial Development Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, and other issuers. We have experience drafting bond documents including the indentures or resolutions, official statements, bond purchase agreements, and other required documents. The proceeds generated through the issuance of these bonds are used to finance the construction or redevelopment of public benefit projects. We currently serve as co-underwriter’s counsel in connection with the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s approximately $1.6 billion airport bond issue. We are also co-bond counsel on several of the City’s sewer and water bond issues. In that capacity, we have served as part of the team tasked with the preparation of the ordinances, official statement, loan agreement, transcript of proceedings, and other documents required to authenticate the validity of the bonds. Further we have served as issuer’s counsel in connection with approximately $200 million of single-family mortgage revenue bonds issued by the Missouri Housing Development Commission (“MHDC”). Finally, we have served as developer’s counsel on a substantial number of revenue bond issues in connection with four percent (4%) tax credit transactions. The proceeds generated by these bonds financed the acquisitions and redevelopment of multi-family housing projects. We have partially funded hundreds of affordable housing units with the equity and bond proceeds generated in these transactions.

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